AOK Paver Sealing and Power Washing focuses on delivering luxury, detailed paver sealing unlike any other and restoring beauty to your home.

Luxury Paver Sealing & Power Washing​

Luxury Paver Sealing &
Power Washing

Do not be fooled by store bought sealant. We only use the very best products and equipment on the market to enhance your property.

Preparation Matters

The Impact of Power Washing

Careful preparation of your surfaces is integral to

creating a gorgeous finished product.

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Leading the Luxury paver sealing and power washing industry Throughout orlando

We are specialists that provide a one-stop service that cleans surfaces and provides lasting protection. Whether you need to restore a small patio or pavers throughout your property, we can serve you just as well. No job is too big or too small.

Friends turned Business Partners

A great friendship has turned into a partnership. Tony and Brad have known each other since middle school. They lived in the same neighborhood in the suburbs of Chicago and quickly became friends. Even as teenagers they would talk about plans for the future. They were always motivated to start something of their own. After years of talking about it, they are very excited to finally have their own company and getting to work together.

Hard Work and Professionalism

We will work diligently to clean and prepare your brick paver surfaces before applying the best sealant solution for your home or business.

Building Loyalty

Our goal is to build a relationship with each one of our clients. We want you to be so satisfied with our service that you will not only call us again when you need services, but that you will recommend us to your family and friends. We aim to provide the highest quality services at an affordable price point along with excellent client service.

Support local Small Business

We are 100% a small business trying to grow and build connections within our community. We appreciate your support and hope to work with you soon!

Residential & Commercial Paver Sealing + Power Washing

Our team can quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively clean high traffic paver surfaces in both residential and public areas such as city streetscapes and common areas in HOA run neighborhoods.

Trust in All We Do


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What Type Of Paver Sealer Do You Use?

We use high end paver sealers but we pick the best product for the type of surface for the job.

What Type Of Payments Do You Take ?

Cash, money orders, checks, and credit cards however we charge 2% for credit cards

Why Should I Seal My Pavers?

Sealing your pavers is important to protect it from staining from such things as vehicles, birds, fertilizers and water run off. Not  to mention that it “Looks Great”

How Do I Know If I Need To Reseal My Pavers?

The easiest test is by letting water sit on your pavers for about 20 minutes. If the water beads up on your surface and does not leave a stain your sealant is still working. If it sinks into the pavers, however, then  a fresh coat of sealer is likely required. 

Ensuring Complete Safety For Your Pavers and Those Who Use Them?

There is a common misconception that having pavers sealed makes the surface slippery when wet. If the correct sealant is used for your type of pavers then this will not be an issue.The porous nature of your pavers allows the sealant to permeate through the pores so the natural texture is not compromised.

When Do My Pavers Need Sealing ?

Fine sand is the finishing touch of any paver job. It gets into the little spaces between the pavers and secure them, preventing them from moving of shifting .Most people think that the sand needs to come up all the way to the surface. Sand is securing the pavers together and does not need to be seen to do its job. If spaces are unusually large between the pavers, they might be shifting due to damage.

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